The Company

INCOPISOS is a business located in Santa Gertrudes, in the state of São Paulo, which is the largest industrial center for ceramics in Brazil. The company has made a name for itself in the production of ceramic tile coverings of outstanding quality, with the help of highly qualified personnel and cutting edge technological equipment.

Since its founding in October, 1985, the company has faced many challenges and has succeeded in attaining a position of respect and recognition both in the domestic and foreign markets, thanks to the development of cutting edge technology which is updated and renewed on a daily basis, seeking constantly to maintain the INCOPISOS brand as a quality reference point.

Certified by CCB, organization accredited by INMETRO, with a domestic service region that covers the entire country and with products being exported to countries in all Latin America (South and Central), Africa and the Middle East, INCOPISOS holds an outstanding position in the largest industrial manufacturers of the segment.

In the production process, the company only uses stock that has been previously assessed in the laboratory, as well as advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control methods. The company priority is to ensure the satisfaction of their clients and its reliability in a market that is more and more competitive.

Incopisos Ind e Com de Pisos LTDA. TI Incopisos